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“The 77 Venture Challenge was a great program. It was very flexible and practical, tailored to the individual circumstances of our business. There were nuggets of gold in every conversation with the 77 Partners team. I would highly recommend the program.” - Steve Barnett, Co-founder at GreaseBoss

“The 77 Venture Challenge was pivotal in helping us to develop and execute our strategy for raising capital. At the beginning of the program we faced a lot of challenges, and through thoughtful discussions and feedback the 77 Partners team was able to help us remove and de-risk these barriers, and also come up with a strategy for continued growth. The program also connected us with experienced entrepreneurs and VC's in the US. Their insights were thought provoking and facilitated new connections and international perspectives.” - Sara Richardson, Co-founder at Leakster

My personal journey with building our company has been a difficult and steep learning curve on many levels. Being part of the 77 Venture Challenge has been a fantastic advantage, answering many of my questions and showing me various methods and models that can all be applied to our products and services. We still have a fair road ahead of us but it now seems far more achievable than before we started in the challenge. The guest speakers really opened my mind on opportunities and the structure of the venture capital world that I wasn't aware of.” - Shawn Tansley, Co-Founder at BIA5

“I found the 77 Venture Challenge program very worthwhile. Being part of a cohort with other startups has been invaluable and I have made contacts within and outwith this group because of this that will continue to help me on my journey. Brent and Yotam from 77 Partners brought fresh insight and provided the kind of insightful feedback that is not readily available to startups. Finally, the guest speakers were very high quality and were people who had genuinely been through the startup journey in one shape or form. I value learning from the experience of others to try and avoid at least some of the mistakes that don't need to be made.” - Alan McFadyen, Founder at BitWinder


“The 77 Venture Challenge program guides you through 77 categories of things you need to tick off before you raise capital. This structured approach together with the advice and help of Brent and Yotam brought us a huge step closer to our first funding round. Besides the great tips for capital raising, I was inspired by world-class guest speakers and a vibrant cohort where everyone helps each other to bring your venture forward.” - Julian Stein, Founder at Fiffy Solutions


“The 77 Venture Challenge was a great experience and we found the structure very helpful as we mapped out a new strategy. The 77 Partners team really took the time to understand our plan and provided a great balance of constructive feedback with a general enthusiasm for the new business model and product roadmap that gave us more and more confidence as it evolved. We’ve put the plan in action and although it’s early we’ve had great feedback from our investors and key partners. Excited to launch the business with this expanded vision.” - Magda Misiorny, Co-founder at GoSave

“The 77 Partners team brought a breadth and depth of real world startup experience, commercial expertise and their global network to bridge a commercialisation gap at the perfect stage in Macrobotix’s journey. They and our fellow cohort have been so generous sharing their time and experience which has translated into real collaboration opportunities and brought the ecosystem together. Interacting with big hitting speakers who have succeeded in their enterprises has been invaluable in terms of relating to our own experience and helping crystallise what comes next for the future of Macrobotix. Through the program, our business has shifted thinking and realised the feasibility of much bigger opportunities. We're super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with 77 Partners, their network and other participants." - Ivan Storr, Founder at Macrobotix

“The 77 Venture Challenge fills a critical gap in support for startups in the Queensland ecosystem. There are tons of resources out there to learn the basics of sales, product, raising capital etc, but very little in the way of practical support once you have passed the initial stages of your venture. 77 have put together a program that allows founders to get immense value and practical advice for a relatively small time commitment.” - Ryan Pousson, Co-Founder at ParaSpace

“The 77 Venture Challenge was instrumental in helping SensaWeb mature as a company. The 77 Partners team's running of the program was professional with great guests and networking opportunities. Even more beneficial for us was their willingness to work alongside us and dive deep into areas where other programs tend to gloss over, becoming instrumental in our strategic journey.” - Darren Oliver, Co-Founder at SensaWeb

This program is unlike anything in the current ecosystem. The presenters are of a calibre not typically seen within Queensland, or even Australia. The insights openly given during the 1:1 sessions assisted us to develop solutions for a wide range of issues.” - Carl Buckeridge, Co-Founder at Leakster


Does it cost money or equity to participate in the program?

No, ventures are not required to issue equity or make payment in order to participate in the program. 

I’ve already raised some capital, can I still participate in the program?

The program is best suited to ventures approaching pre-seed or seed stage investment. As long as you are at this stage you are eligible to apply, no matter if you’ve already raised capital. 

How much time would the program require from my team?

The program is designed to allow for maximum flexibility. We let each venture confirm the areas they want to concentrate on. Of course, the more you put into the program the more you’ll get out of it and the better prepared you'll be to raise the next stage of support.



Would the program connect me to others that may also be able to support my venture?

Yes, part of our role in preparing you for the next stage of support is connecting you to the right people. We draw on our networks in Australia, United States and beyond.



What are the terms of the $100,000 investment to be offered to at least one venture?


The terms of the investment will be negotiated fairly and by mutual agreement by the end of the program. 

What is included in the business services to be offered to at least one venture?

This includes services valued at up to $10,000 per provider, to be offered by the following program supporters:

businessDEPOT - accounting services

Redchip Lawyers - legal services​

Board Associates - advisory board services

Is the program open to any venture?

The program is open only to companies currently registered in Australia with a substantive presence in Queensland.

What are some examples of ventures in AIR and related sectors?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing,

Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Sensor Networks, 5G Enabled Technologies, Cyber Physical Systems,

Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation...